9-12 Students

Southern Vermont Area Health Education Center offers career exploration programs to students in grades 9-12 through various programs.  These programs span from the classroom to afterschool to residential summer programs.  Click on the links on the left side of this page for more information about the MedQuest program and see information below for all other programs.

As schools start to implement Act 77 “Flexible Pathways”, Our goal is to collaborate with the schools to support the work-based learning initiatives for students interested in pursing a career in healthcare.  As stated by the Next Generation Commissions, schools are being asked to “strengthen career awareness education”…and to “continue exposure to careers in middle and high schools”.  Our Mission of “Enhancing Community Efforts to Obtain, Maintain, and Retain the Primary Healthcare Workforce in Southern Vermont” maps directly to the vision that the Agency of Education has for the youth in our school.   The career exploration programs that we offer to middle and high school students will expose them to careers in healthcare that they may have never before thought about, and support them in further exploring careers of interest and gaining skills that they will need in the workforce.

9-12 Grade Classroom Presentations

SVAHEC’s 45-60 minute Workshop Presentation entitled, “There is a Career in Healthcare for Everyone!” helps to connect students in grades 9-12 to a career in healthcare by inspiring them to think about how their own interests, skills and passions may lead them to purpose and a profession in healthcare. Students can often easily identify commonly known healthcare professionals like a physician, or nurse; but do not easily identify the professions in healthcare that are linked to their personal interests such as photography, mechanics, computer sciences, music, art, or their ambition to professionally help veterans, our aging population, those who are drug addicted, or who may be disabled. Students will leave these presentations thinking about their future with a broadly raised awareness of their health career options. They will have been presented with some health career job descriptions and current salaries including VT or New England educational institutions, and information about other available resources for health careers exploration. SVAHEC brings to each presentation some tools-of-the-trade kits representing various healthcare professions. Students are provided with an opportunity for hands-on exploration of these kits.

To schedule a presentation in your classroom or at your school please contact Southern Vermont AHEC at 802-885-2126, ext. 103.

Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) Support

As schools implement Act 77, SVAHEC offers support to guidance counselors and school staff working with students to develop PLP’s.   Contact us if are working with a student interested in exploring careers in healthcare.  We can offer support in identifying opportunities in the region to gain additional exposure to health care careers, identify college options, and prepare for a career in health care.