Advanced Health Career Exploration for those who have successfully completed our MedQuest Program.

  • Five day residential program at the University of Vermont campus
  • Two half day Job Shadows at UVM and area organizations in areas of interest to students
  • Open to any student who has successfully completed a MedQuest program in Southern or Northern Vermont
  • Workshops presented by faculty and clinicians of the Larner College of Medicine or UVM Medical Center
  • Gain more in-depth understanding of topics in healthcare through case studies, discussions, and small group work.
  • A reading will be assigned prior to the program related to working in healthcare with a discussion to take place during the program.

Program Goals

    • An in-depth knowledge of a variety of health careers and shadow opportunities in an area of interest to them
    • Experienced a dormitory setting in preparation for college.
    • Students will participate in two three-hour job shadows with healthcare professionals. These shadows will allow students to experience some of the careers that they have identified as areas of interest.
    • An understanding of the relationships between health professions and various departments within a health care facility.
    • Extensive training in HIPAA standards and interact professionally with health care providers and peers.
    • Learn about the pathology of disease by observing in the pathology lab and learning about a variety of diseases and how they affect organs within the body
    • Discuss issues of medical ethics and cultural sensitivity with those in the field.
    • Learn about workplace skills including developing self-awareness, personal and professional integrity, teamwork, bullying, conflict resolution, and dealing with incivility in the workplace.

Advanced MedQuest will be held on the campus of the University of Vermont from July 12 to 16, 2020 with shadows at the UVM Medical Center and local organizations.

Application Process

We are now accepting applications for Advanced MedQuest to be held at UVM from July 12 to 16, 2020.

You will apply online and will need one non-family reference. See below for links to forms:

Students click here to apply: Advanced MedQuest.

References click here to submit your reference: Reference for Advanced MedQuest Student.

Cost and Accommodations

The cost for the 2020 programs is $750.00 which includes room, food, workshop supplies, and transportation to shadow assignments. Students stay in college housing on the campus of the University of Vermont. They may or may not have a roommate. Staff provide 24/7 supervision. Scholarships are available based on need and availability – request in application.


All students who attend high school in a Vermont school and have successfully completed a MedQuest program are eligible to apply for the program.

For School Staff

Some schools award school credit to students participating in the MedQuest program. Below you will find a breakdown of the total number of academic hours the students spend learning throughout the week.

Advanced MedQuest Breakdown of Program Hours

Contact our Health Careers Educator more information about MedQuest.

Eleanor Thomas, Health Careers Educator

Phone: 802-885-2126, ext 103