Healthcare Career for Everyone

Classroom Health Career Presentations — Grades 9 to 12

SVTAHEC’s presentation – “There’s a Healthcare Career for Everyone!” – helps to connect students in grades 9 to 12 to a career in healthcare by inspiring them to think about how their own interests, skills, and passions can lead them to purpose and a profession in healthcare.  Students easily identify commonly known healthcare professions like physician or nurse, but do not easily identify the professions in healthcare that may be linked to their personal interests such as photography, mechanics, computer sciences, music, art, or their ambition to professionally help veterans, our aging population, those who are drug addicted, or who may be disabled.

The presentation includes information about the many different career paths and what education is needed to pursue them.  Students will participate in a hands-on activity by using online resources to explore various careers and report out to their class mates.

Students will leave these presentations thinking about their future with an expanded awareness of their health career options and many useful resources.

To schedule a presentation for your students, please contact our Health Careers Educator at SVTAHEC at 802-885-2126, extension 103.