Image of Echogenic Adjective Definition

November board meeting- reporting audit & student programming reports (medquest and student project CE nurse planning)

Eleanor’s year report and eye on transforming curriculum- reach out and better representation of kids in programs- career pathways (advisory boards w career centers) – stats on learning improvement- students progress reporting & shadowing/mentoring connections

CSHIP program report and changes- new preceptors and internships identified- program specificitiesWoman volunteering at hospital

Feedback from new board members- where do they see the need in medquest curriculum- steering students towards where there’s a need- bring in practitioners to spotlight mental health- find the balance between vocational and contemporary issues in field (a what its like type of thing)

Establish a separate account to pay for student housing

Banner slogans- general & workforce

Dental Students
Dr. Bachelder w student Daryl Selen